Pool deadlines which is better or worst. Longer or Shorter?

I am trying to make sense of some pool deadlines. Some are as long as 30 days and others are as short as six.

As a miner does longer deadlines make sense if you say have a small rig that maybe is not so fast?

And shorter deadlines are ok if you have a larger faster rig?

For example;

pool.burstcoinspace.8124 deadlines = 2,592,000 30 days
burstpool.net deadline = 1,296,000 15 days
burst.ninja deadline = 345,600 6 days

Thanks in advance

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Pool deadlines differences are basically based off of computing power of the server the pool is hosted on and how many miners are submitting deadlines(the more miners contributing deadlines the more resources are used-eventually it will slow down accepting deadlines). Basically any deadline accepted over an hour is a waste of resources in any pool as far as winning blocks,but in order to calculate and track individual contribution percentage the pools extend the deadlines accepted. The longer the deadlines accepted by a pool, the much more accurately the pool will track/reward individual contribution. Shorter deadline acceptance definitely benefits larger miners.

Ideally the fairest pool would accept a infinite number of deadlines for 100% accuracy, but obviously the resource cost would be high as the load increases.

Hopefully that made sense…

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Thanks, so in short if you have a small rig you should be looking for a pool that has a slightly longer and FORGIVING deadline like in the example pool.burstcoinspace of 30 days

For larger miners then say burst.nina may be a better pool

These are just examples

I am currently at 50 ish TB’s and i use Haitch’s http://0-100.burst-team.us:8080/
pool as i love the way it shares the block and it accepts deadlines 4 months, but yes you got it.

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Recieving Error 520 Server is returning and UNKNOWN error. You getting same issue.
I like Haitch but the pools have not been steady… From what I have seen. Others may have a different exp.

lol ya its the cloudflare…Miners still work just fine, but sometimes the display page doesnt load, or takes a bit.