Pool not paying


I using 0-100.burst-team.us:8080 and watch my pending balance get to 500 but only sometimes receive payment in my wallet. The pending balance then starts over. Is this normal???


No, that is not normal. I suggest you contact @Haitch and he’ll make anything right that has gone wrong for you. I don’t think he visits this forum, though so try contacting him in the Burst discord.


Thanks I will.


@Haitch informed payments are made via multi-out payments that don’t show in the wallet but can be seen via the explorer using your numeric address.


Thanks for following up.


as far as I know this pool could use a 500 pending balance - compared to many other pools that use a 100 pending balance …

In this case everything should be OK - once you hit 500 or slightly above it with your last mined block / shared earning due to historic share … you get the pending balance paid out - within 10 blocks … which could take roughly up to 1 hour ( or shorter if there are faster blocks ) … the pool then starts up from 0 again … having your pending balance paid.

Make sure to check your burst wallet for the payment. Unfortunately up to BRS 2.3.1 you wont see the incoming transaction. BRS 2.3.1 should bring multi-out transactions, which are used by most pools for payout - and as such you should see your incoming burst in a transaction