Pool option still greyed out

I have updated my reward reciepient to the pool dot burstcoin dot ro (had to spell out dots because links are not allowed) . additionally I have a confirmation transaction showing where I sent 1 burst to the pool in exchange for adding them as the recipient but when I go to the miner it only allows me to mine solo. I have waited two hours and rebooted twice. This is really frustrating what am I doing wrong here?

my burst address is BURST-LZ2W-WECH-JJEF-4UDWQ

Hi @knox

You have set everything up correctly, except for a very important thing.

You made your plotfiles for a different address (plots are tied to specific Burst addresses). The one you made the plotfiles for is:

Numeric ID - 316869188929385336

So, in order to not have to plot again, you need the passphrase for the above account. Then you need to go in and change the reward recipient for that account.

If you don’t have the passphrase for it, you will need to use the account you showed in your post above (BURST-LZ2W-WECH-JJEF-4UDWQ with numeric id 3130418331727264796) and plot again.

  1. I really appreciate your help this was driving me crazy
  2. fml

lol good luck