Probably returning to Burst

I might have found a disk repair tool.
I hoop to be able to repair some of the older disks

The blown disks are as dead as the Dodo…I even swapt the PCB on the back for a working one to no avail.
It is a bummer. On the bright side… the windows logs are as good as empty, no more Disk failiors, No more Controller failiors… The machine is now running it’s first 24 hour live tests.
I hope this is a thing of the past, and will connect another 8TB on monday.

After that I will try to repair old disks and have them running somewhat isolated from the rest at first…
I will keep posting overhere…

But… ALPHADELTA is as good as back in the game…this time way more power efficient then ever before.


Please tell me at what price and where you buy discs.
I searched on Amazon and aliexpress, but the price of used disks is the same as the new ones in my city.

Hi Priboi2009,

Buying disk can by a job on it self. I ussaly search for Refubisched “new” disks, Forget internal disks, only external since they are cheaper…(I break them open and install them as internals)
Refurbished get me an other 10/20 bucks of the new price…

I don’t know where you live But my search extents the whole of Europe but shipment must be included in the price…

I just bought 8TB for € 140,-- Euro (about 158 US dollars) Not cheap but better then € 180,-- euro new (About 200,-- us dollars)

I worked with Second hand disks, some still run perfect others are defunk…so mixed feelings about that.

Since Hard disk are the busnizz end of your BURST endevour…

Make sure not to use more then 4 USB disks… (Search time gets really low)
TIP 2.
8 Channel SATA controllers are way cheaper then SAS controller set-up but in the end also slower.
TIP 3.
SAS controllers need a fan. (IT is wise to fan cool SATA controllers aswel)
TIP 4.
You can have way more drives then the usual 24 drive letters!
TIP 5.
If using SATA controllers make sure to use the same make, model, and type.
TIP6. Check your Chinese cables / Voltages before hook-up and switching on HDD’s (I blew up several of perfectly fine disks using a faulty SATA power cable)

Good luck sourcing disks~


Welll I’ve mined the first 100 burst. Running 46 TB.
The Set-up is now running problem free so I got myself a really good base line.
Every change leading to faults are now easy reverseble.

Got a few older disks to ad, and test, so not holding my breath…


46 TB, you are lucky. I have 13 old 500GB SATA drives. Effective сapacity 5.5 TB.
The drives are connected to 3 ATX motherboards. Soon I will get another 7-10 500GB SATA disks.
I will not collect such capacity HDD, you are really cool=)

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O thank you very much…

I made a simple calcullation…
1 disk (big or small) uses aprox 5 / 9 watt…
So the cost per GB is so much better with a TB disks.

SO If you can… always source TB disks…even the smaller 1 and 2 TB disks have a better cost per GB.
And secondhand they are very cost efficient, and yopu can buy then from 20 euro to 50 euro…

Where are you from? maybe I can be of assistance…

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Thank you for the offer of help, but I live in Russia and the delivery of even a small parcel will be expensive.
I’m just curious to support the Burst blockchain. No matter how many coins I get for this.
Of course I want to connect more TB, but I do not have money for it =).
So this is my little hobby, and you have a big hobby:D.
Good luck^^

@priboi2009 You can support Burst a lot of different ways! Check this reddit post -

Also, there is a program run by the Burst Marketing Fund where you get Burst coin rewards from running a full node! This even helps the project more than mining, and probably would make your more coins! See this post to learn how -

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And so we keep on pluggin…
This week I will change my main computer, and ad about 10 TB of disk space.
Still having SAS disk problems…It seems my SAS controller Somehow It is not playing nice with the extra SATA controller.

The reason I’m changing my computer has alot to do with that problem. I want to seperate and run SATA only and see what Happens in terms of stabilty…and responce time (seems a bit High with 55 TB on 30 sec…) should be and can be below 20 sec on 100TB.

The computer i’m using now is a GPU mining board so not ideal on PCI setup/lanes

Ryan… Is there a Proxy set-up possilble for setting up several competers, running the same account?
The idea is it should then show the combined disk capacity…

The idea is not new… Nicehash uses this idea…
It not easy to set-up so a little tech help would be great

Thanks mate

Hello, yes there is! I have to leave shortly but I wanted to respond. I believe an older miner also has a proxy, but here is what I could find quickly -

I just remembered I was going to come back to this, there is a miner with a very nice built-in proxy management, worth checking out for yours

Thanks Ryanw I’ll dive into that one…after all is running smoothly again…

On that subject… I found out why I had 30 sec responce…
One of my controllers was unable to work with disk bigger then 4TB resulting in a series of different errors. Mostly read error…

I think this solvs lots of other persons problems…

There are SATA Controllers and sata controllers…
The Cheap Chinees Controller do work, but up to 4TB Disks. Thats it…The controllers are perfect they just can’t handle big disks

Today I took the time (again) to test every disk and realy adminstrate the disk, the cable, and folder etc. Very perticular…

Thats when I found this controller problem…
I was lucky to have an other motherboard (mentioned in previous posts) with a Good SATA raid controller with does the job perfect for 8TB disks so far.

I got my responce time down from 30+ seconds, to 16 or less.
I did not yet connect my SAS disks to this Motherboard… (had to plot an 5TB disk first)

Even plotting and Mining on the same CPU i’m still running under 20sec.
Total disk capacity now about 42TB SATA only.
When SAS is also done I expect responce time to be in the low 20 with about 65 TB of disk space

SO I gues the hunt is on for High Disk capacity SATA controllers
Mean while I will test HIgh capp SATA drives on regular proffesional SAS controllers.

Stll hoping to have 100TB plus on one Computer before Proxy will come into the game

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The SATA disks are running like champs in the new controller setup. Acyually they are running so good that I opted to get my SAS disks online aswell.
They are all 4TB disks, got 6 online right now.

I did go for the HBA and expansion board option…so I still can handle another 6 x 4 SAS disks on that expander and on the controller 4 more expanders …well that might still be a bit of a bridge to far…but a miner is allowed his /her dreams …

SO pretty happy with today’s results of nearing the 70 TB totall mark disk space and still having 6 TB disk space comming in, and 1 4TB SAS drive still not powering up for some reason.
So maybe at the end of 2019 I’ll have 78 TB online…

O responce time… 17.3 sec…slowest so far was 19,8 sec.

Have nice sunday evening good lady’s and gentle people…

Greetings from Holland

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That’s great scan time!

Thanks Ryanw, Yes it is… very happy with it…
And it is consistent! Small TB disks are scanned in 7/8 seconds, a bit later the larger disks…
And in 17,XX seconds the 8 TB disks are done…

This numbers are a fact every scan cycle… That is for me proof that all disks are scanned simultaneous. Hurray for that one… :slight_smile:

Looks like another 4TB SAS disk is coming to play in 16 hours or so… Then I still have one 4TB disk still not showing up for the party and 1 6TB in transport…

I guess I have to cook Christmas dinner :poultry_leg: (twice) and to some hardware fault seeking at the same time tomorrow :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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Hi All,

:evergreen_tree:First of all… Happy Christmas evening! :wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer::beers::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass:
May your Burst coin shine bright for you and your loved ones… and lots of love and fun…

Had a bit of time today between preparing dishes today… Check the defunc HDD… it is kaputt, dead as a Dodo, gone to the Digital hunting grounds in the sky… Intotal…I have 5 disks blown, 1 dead, and 1 laming my I/O… So 7 disks down… (read the storie above to get in the mood)

AL my other disk running perfect now so no worries. Found an other 3 TB disk, hooked it up, tally-hee tally-hos still plot files on it!.. So Now running a total of 76,853 TB and my 6TB new hdd just came in and is now plotting. (will take about 2 day’s)
So before 2020 arrives i’ll have about 82TB up and running and that is more then I expected…

O yes… scan speed… 18,2 on the slowest disk (8TB) (during plotting time I will be higher)

So overall… a happy X-Mas puppy! :evergreen_tree:

You have the most dead hard drives ever. The worst luck?

Myself… I used to run an electroncs recycling/salvage business. All of the drives in my computers/laptops have been used (except for the 8TB drives I bought 2 years ago for Burst mining)

I have never had a drive fail!

Yeah well Ryanw… In the past I bought 12 Second-hand SATA HDD’s from several unknown sources.
Some I could test, some not…Al the tested ones are still running. But as told before I had a really bad SATA power cable that burned out 5 Disks…they where perfect…that was a hard one to swallow…

The last dead disk was a SAS disk from a known source. also second hand but with 3 years of data-centre action as history… I have 8 of them left… They where dirt cheap (25 bucks for 4 TB) so no hard feelings there… I’m on the waiting-list for +/- 25 4TB SAS disks from that same data-centre…

The disk with i/o problems… well…source unknown payed 60 bucks, sold as perfect… so I’ve been ripped of I guess.

I the mean time I have plans to build a small disk Burst miner with 2.5 Laptop disks (secondhand) They are widely available, low power, and if needed cheap to buy.
With a nice SAS Extender It should be a dream to run it.
Let do some calculations… :slight_smile:

First of all… Best wishes for you all.
May 2020 bring you health, happiness and Burstcoin.

So we are back in 2020 and the HDD saga continues :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
Yesterday evening I suddenly noticed, failing deadlines. I fell down the stairs intro my basement…Miner down…after boot I gave me a Supply error…Stating I suffered from a power surge … WTF! Just installed a brand new 750 Watt supply…
Ctrl-Alt-Del and I booted fine…but ever so slow…this usual is an indicator of a faulty disk

After that I noticed that Disks took ever so long to appear in the Explorer. And 1 disk made that specific “I am almost dead” scrapping kind of noise
So opened the event viewer… That showed Indeed Another SAS 4TB died…Dammm :flushed:

Okay I was from that same lot of SAS disks witch where dirt cheap… But Hey, it was again 4 TB gone…
So down from 82TB back 78TB. Today I added an new SATA 6TB disk so back with 84TB.
December did cost allot of new disks.

During the holidays I gave Ryanw idea an other thought…
“Quote” All of the drives in my computers/laptops have been used “End Quote”

I Just got my hands on 3 four year old INTEL NUC pc’s, Nothing special, but small, low energy consumption and stable. Downside…It only can handle 1 internal disk and not PCI/PCI-e But hey, it Has 3 USB3 ports and 1 USB2 port and some card-reader port…(thinking… :roll_eyes: )
I installed on one of them Windows 10 Pro.
It now is downloading the BD

Found 900GB in 3 2.5" Laptop Disks witch where doing nothing.
Had some USB 3 extenders (from the large disks I bought) for them and a nice metal USB3 hub…
Still need to plot the disks…

Will post picture soon

The idea is to have a small miner for experimenting with Miners, Disk Sizes and speeds, and maybe even OS’s. Maybe come up with some fine tuning for Burst Computing Power Environments.

Ryanw… Is there a Burst OS?

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As promissed… a picture of the small disk exerimental rig!

And while we are on the subject… it’s 84TB brother.

Both in the same rack.

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