Problem with Burst IDs

Sorry, I dont understand this at all. I somehow have a different Burst ID. Could this have something to with me downloading a Wallet database

It showed
This morning this after changing to local wallet:

I logged out and changed my wallet to Crytoguru and it now shows

Do you know why?

Any help would be great


The burst ID is generated from the passphrase you entered. If your passphrase is always the same, the ID will always be the same. Where are you finding your burst ID from?

I am always using the same passphrase that was generated for me. It appears that if I change from online wallet to local wallet I get have a different Burst ID.

Believe it or not, something is wrong with the passphrase you are entering. This is the only way that your burst address will be changed.

Yes, I realise that now. when I first started I wrote down the passphrase and I logged in, then I checked the passphrase and noticed to there 13 words and 2 words repeated themselves next to each other. So I thought I must have made a mistake and removed one of the words.

So that explains why I had 2 Burst ID’s

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