Problem with transaction


Hey there!
When I discovered Burstcoin for the first time, I liked the idea very much, so I decided to try mining and holding some.
Unfortunately, my first Burstcoin transaction failed and it seems that I lose my first test Burstcoins.
I bought them on Poloniex and then sent to my wallet. And it does still show me zero balance and “no transactions yet” in Recent transactions section. Please, help me to know what can I do now.

Lost transaction details:
Date: 2017-08-18 01:22:09
Txid: 4663975712603702230
Amount: 1108.48307084


All looks ok to me.

Which wallet are you using to view the transaction?



Hi Rich,
Many thanks for your swift answer.
Hmm… that’s pretty interesting. I use local wallet that is still downloading the blockchain, and it’s version is v0.3.10. Should I update my wallet?


wait for the wallet to sync with the chain and try again


Thanks a lot!