Qbundle 1.6 Released - Recommend Windows Wallet


@Quibus has already released a new version of Qbundle. Some added features and also bug fixes for those few people that were having issues. He has been doing an awesome job working to get Burst accessible to the masses!

To upgrade, just go into File -> Check For Updates, and Qbundle will walk you through updating to the new version.

Download the ZIP file here if you don’t have it installed.

  • Added ability to resume plotfile.
  • Burstneon block catcher added to Repository for direct H2 Import.
  • Updated Pool list
  • Windows scale factor is now compatible with Qbundle
  • No internet connection should no longer cause crashes.
  • Addressed an issue in Plotter saying there is an overlap when there is not.
  • Plotter now supports RS address for account id.
  • Checks that correct .net version is installed.
  • Core wallet 1.3.6cg included.

Please verify that .net version 4.5.2 or newer is installed.

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