Qbundle 2.0.1 and BRS 2.0.2 Released!

Qbundle has been updated to version 2.0.1, and BRS (Burst Reference Software) to 2.0.2

I recommend everyone stay at Qbundle 1.9 with 1.3.6cg wallet for the time while a couple kinks are worked out.

I have waited for these to be out for awhile before telling people to upgrade, but I need to also post some information to help those that have already started upgrading.

The new versions were released a few days ago, and have already had some bugfix releases.

In Qbundle, go to File > Check for updates to install the new software. To be on the safe side, stop your wallet before doing this. Qbundle will update everything for you automatically.

For those that don’t wish to update quite yet, staying with Qbundle 1.9 (with 1.3.6cg wallet) is perfectly fine. Contrary to some information that had been spread, there was no fork yet.


For people that have installed versions released before today of the new software, you may be having issues. Here are a couple that I know of right now, and how to fix them.

Qbundle had a problem with updating from the 2.0.0 version (it enters an update loop). If you are encountering this problem, shut down your wallet, close qbundle, and go into the folder Qbundle is in. Run updater.exe

People have also had a problem with wallets being stuck (not syncing). If this is the case for you, pop off 100 blocks. To do this in Qbundle, go to Wallet > Advanced > Rollback Chain (popoff) > Click on “Rollback”. This will go through the process and then say “Done” when it’s finished. DO not close anything until you see that.

Make note that if you are running Qbundle as a service, you will need to disable running as a service to popoff blocks.