QBUNDLE 2.5.0 "wallet is stopped"


Wallet first told me java not installed (which is not true), then downloaded it automatically, installed java and core wallet, then again tells me, java is missing, after click on continue suddenly status is green, then wallet starts, but stops immediately.

this is so disappointing, really.


Forget the Qbundle or local wallet for now.
Use an online wallet.

Alternatively the core wallet runs fine on Ubuntu.
Granted it’s forking and self correcting allot but that’s just the way the chain is atm.
So if your not using the wallet to say solo mine or in my case host a pool well the don’t bother :slight_smile:
Good luck.


yup, online wallet is working fine for me… thx for that hint !!
I hope qbundle-wallet will feel better soon :wink: