Qbundle 2.5.0b (BETA Release) - Check It Out and Help Test

@Quibus has released version 2.5.0b of Qbundle. This is a BETA version, so keep your current version if you are wanting to test this one out.

Please! If you run into any problems while using it, add an issue to github so any potential bugs can be stomped out. https://github.com/PoC-Consortium/Qbundle/issues

Release Info - https://github.com/PoC-Consortium/Qbundle/releases/

This is a Beta version of Qbundle 2.5.0.
Please do not overwrite current release installations with this version but rather add this beside the original.
Since it is a beta, only a portable version is provided.
You cannot run 2 versions at the same time.

Changes in this version
Account manger seed generation now uses RFC4086 compliant method.
Moved from IE to Chromium
Reward assignment works again and you are able to specify a fee.
Burst as Service is no longer supported in Qbundle.
Check for updates is now Application Manager and allow you to update/install individual components.
BRS is no longer shipped with Qbundle but installed by user on first run.
Wallet mode start size is more adapted to new BRS gui.
Paperburst is added under tools.
Own settings in brs.properties will now be preserved.
Load and informationscreens added instead of white blank pages in wallet mode.
A lot of code refactoring.