Qbundle Blago Update Virus(a lot)

new Blago Miner “v1.170911” accused Virus, and windows warning messages about changes that Exe would make on the computer.

Has this update been approved by the Qbundle team?

For before I already made several updates of Blago Miner and never accused of viruses, only accused in this new update

And there are many different viruses:

Does anyone know if it’s safe?

I really need the last one build before v1.170911, does anybody has it?

The miner is completely safe. It is flagged by antivirus software because it was installed on botnets consisting of compromised computers (to mine burst).

The miner included in Qbundle is actually a modified version of Blago.

You can get past releases at his github. https://github.com/Blagodarenko/miner-burst/releases

As for a version right before v1.170911 … I haven’t kept up on the progression, so I’m not sure if you can find an older version somewhere in the Qbundle github.