Qbundle Jminer-0.4.10-Snapshot or 0.4.11?

@Blago @ryanw

Does the qbundle download package now inlcude the 0.4.11 Jminer snapshot?

I just upgraded my wallet and I still see that the 0.4.10-Snapshot folder was still there. I did not want to do a clean install to see for various reasons. If it doesn’t and if it has passed all the valid acid tests from the user community it should.

Just my 2 cents.

This would be better directed at @Quibus

He has been really working hard though on this, and pumping out the updates. I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

@ryanw Thank you I could not remember that @Quibus was the owner of the bundle was.

Hope that helps

Qbundle does not include jMiner. Only the blago tools can be used with Qbundle

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Thank you very much