Qbundle questions

I see tutorials on setting reward assignments and they show an area to input the passphrase.

When I choose reward recipient in Qbundle, the input areas are “Your account” and “Pool account or your account (reward recipient)”

Do I put my passphrase in the “Your account” area?

Also, in the Mining tab, pool mining is greyed out and solo mining is selected. Will I be able to change to pool mining when I change reward recipients.


Set Reward Recipient from with Qbundle and you will not need to enter your passphrase (other than when logging into your wallet).

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The pool mining option will be enabled once you set your reward recipient.

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In Qbundle, When setting reward recipient you are asked for your account and the reward recipient(pool account). If your account is stored in account manager you are asked to provide a pin. If not, You will be asked for the password.