QBundle wallet won't start


Every time I press “start wallet”, it sits for a few seconds saying “Wallet is: Starting” and then says “Wallet is: Stopped” again. How can I fix this?
It worked yesterday!


which version are you running?


Qbundle v2.0.0, Burstcoin Wallet v2.0.1


Have you tried logging out altogether and logging back in again?


It never reaches the log-in screen to begin with.


Update: re-installed as v2.0.1 wallet, still has same problem.


I’m having the same issue but it’s happening on Wallet version 2.0.3 I was told to reinstall the whole wallet and go from there. I tried it but really didn’t want to have to re-download the entire blockchain. I’m hoping for a patch to this issue as its really annoying not being able to access the wallet.