I’m using Qbundle v2.5.0 Bustcoin Wallet v2.2.2. And got the problem with that, if I restart Qbundle I got 1070 burst coins and shortly after that (~3 min) I getting a disconnect and after next log in I see only 970 burst coin.

Can any one help?


Maybe take a look at your transaction history.
This should state all and any movements of your coins.


You’re not completely synched with the network. Under recent blocks, check the timestamp of the most recent block to see if it is approximately the current time.


How do I check it? I don’t see.
I see only that Qbundle client trying to download Blockchaun


Kindly provide a screenshot of your wallet or the content of the console so we can see what the status of your wallet is.
However if it says trying to download blockchain your wallet is not fully synchronized with the network yet.



How can isynchronice?


Yeah it does not appear to be downloading anything.

Try this wallet


Alternatively ask on Discord in CG server #pocc-wallet https://discord.gg/H2H46t
That’s where the developers are.