Questions about plotting

So after I have plotted an hdd does it still require a gpu or can it be used just as well Ato mine with a cpu. I also need help on starting to mine and plot with a gpu on ubuntu 16.04.

Once you are done plotting you can use the plot file for CPU or GPU mining but not both at the same time.

So the cpu will be used to mine afterwards not my gpu which I will be using to mine eth?

Was that a question or statement? If your going to use the Blago CPU miner that is fine. I am currently TRYING TO CPU mine burst and GPU mine BTG but they are not playing nice together. I will shortly stop GPU mining while mining burst.

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Im just making sure my gpu wont be used after im done plotting

There are two different programs to mine Burst Coin

CPU - Blago miner programs and maybe another
GPU - Which can be found on the forum is a JMiner 0.4.11-snapshot program

You must configure and fire up the one you prefer. GPU mining does not provide a larger advantage over CPU but you mileage may vary.

The snapshot below shows all the files you should of received if you downloaded the AIO Qbundle software package.


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Iā€™m running Ubuntu 16.04 not windows

Well my main question has been answered for plotting so I feel like a new topic would be best to awnser how to plot using a gpu on ubuntu 16.04

I am sorry I assumed windows. I am not familiar with ubuntu.