Quick question


Sorry I keep asking questions! This one may be a quick yes/no unless I’m underestimating something.

Say I’m using a drive of X capacity and wanna use a portion of my main hard drive in an attempt to get better deadlines. Once I purchase a larger drive down the road and decide to REMOVE the plot on my main hard drive, would I lose the Burst mined with it?

I worry that the question may be a grey area since it would be using two drives, so if that is the case how about this: What if I used one drive, and change it out later. Would I lose the Burst?

Thanks in advance!


No, your shares are recorded on the pool, and not associated with a particular drive of yours.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but does that mean I could stop mining and start again without losing what I’ve gotten so far?


Yes. Although the pool might have some period where if your gone for a long time the funds allocated to you are distributed to the pool.


You can also move the plot file to the new drive and then mine on a new hard drive


Yes, I can confirm this since I have done it myself.


@iceman496 @MichaelM @ryanw Thank you all very much