Raspberry PI 3 mining



I have a raspberry pi 3 with raspbian.
how can i mining on this?


I remember some old posts on the Burst-Team forums regarding that, but afaik, there isn’t any software currently maintained specifically for raspberry pi mining…


Rasberry Pi’s can run mining software. You should actually be able to install a linux distrobution onto the rasberry pi, and from there you just have to use the right commands to get java and the wallet installed.

Does your Rasberry Pi currently run any OS by default?
If so, which OS


Dear Trinity,

Now i have raspbian os, i installed this with NOOBS.
raspbian its good for mining, what can i do? thanks!


Raspbian is based on Debian. i assume mining with a small HDD should work, I guess the CPU hasn’t enough power to read a big HDD fast enough.


Ok, but sorry i am very new on raspberry pi. What want i do to mining?
what wallet or mining software i need to download, and how can i run?


a lot of ASIC miners run raspbian. I know mine do.

@MoranTom since raspbian is based on Debian, I would say go ahead and do an update by doing:

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y

This will update the repos, packages, then it will install the updates. Please consider the amount of space needed for the update/upgrade process.

Install Java if you plan to run the local wallet.
sudo apt-get install java -y

Note: You don’t have to run the wallet to be able to mine.

The currently miner for burstcoin is Blagos Miner:


I dont understand this :S


You will need to download that, and then extract it using gunzip or unzip via the command line or ssh.

How are you connecting your hard drives to the raspberry pi?


I connect via usb ports. raspberry pi have 4 usb port.


Will not be good idea the read time going to be more the 10 mins for it for a pi3 to use for hard drive mining sorry to say but storj and even that 8tb is the biggies u can go payment in storj is ever 30 days just get a desktop a chep gpu 2gb and your good no need for a rx480 just a 2gb card good luck


I try to use, but i cant run burst miner on raspbian. help?


Dear, I would like to use my raspberry with OSMC, I could connect a hub and then a 1TB hdd.

The burst mining depends on what?
HDD speed?
speed of reading and writing?
hdd size (this is obvious)



Hi…My electricity bill states it’s 15.74p per kWh, so your usage would cost me £7.13 a year. At a coin every 9 days that would be a cost of 17.58p per coin, $0.23.
Of course that’s not including the cost of running the Pi3B. Maybe halfway to breaking even at present as you say.