Really no exchange or other place to invest in Burst?

Can it really be that it is not possible to invest in Burst anywhere on the web? I have tried the few exchanges listed in burst-coin’s how-to-tutorials. The must be a way to invest in Burst. I would be grateful if you could tell me which place(s) you may know of where I can invest.

I haven’t really kept up with which exchanges are allowing new signups. Bittrex and Poloniex are two of the largest exchanges out there.

All of the exchanges are listed on that you saw, though. There are no other exchanges right now.

Thank you for your time and your answer, Ryan.

As a consequence of that, there is no way money can buy me Burst, since it was not possible through Poloniex, C-CEX, Bittrex, Livecoin or Bisq - P2P. Usually, most things are for sale, but unfortunately what I want is not for sale.

Are there plans to make Burst more accessible in the nearest future? I hope there are.

It will not be soon, but later this year after all of the technological improvements, we will be putting efforts into marketing, exchanges, and the like.

If you are able to purchase Bitcoin, all you need is an account on bittrex, poloniex, c-cex, etc and you can then purchase Burst.

As I understand, on markets you can buy and sell this coin? If it’s already being traded so actively, I’d like to know on which market can I see it?

@Derteras please see this page for Burst exchanges. Where To Buy Burst - Burstcoin Exchanges