Recovering an old account


I am an old user, but the computer died, and with every thing else going on I never recovered my wallet. It has been a while. Actually I had an All in One. I kept it as when I finally got it to work, I did not feel I had the time or patience to deal with what an “improved version”, would do to my old machine.

I still have my old Wallet account name, BURST - and my 10 word user phrase.

How do I recover? Obviously I can get a new wallet but I would like to my old balance

When I try to log in, and put my burst phase into the new improved version ( a few weeks old) I get a new Burst address and zero balance.

The FAQs say if you have that you can recover. But I cannot find any info on how to do that. I also see a few conversations form 2017 where recovery was not successful.


Yes, if you have your saved phrase, and you use that, it will have your old balance, and everything will be recovered. This is all saved on the blockchain, so you can use any current wallet.

If there is any tiny difference in your passphrase, like an extra space " " or capitalized letter…ANYTHING, another wallet will show up.

Sorry for the late reply, have you accessed it?