Regarding Plotting. Does anyone need assistance with their ploting?


I have a pretty fast machine with 54 extra cores. I just plotted my 60TB RAID configuration which consists of 5 12 tb 7200 RPM Exos drives. It took 5 days running half of my cores. So I expect that time would be much reduced if I were running all but two of my cores. Anyway… if you want to send me your drives… I can insert them into my rack server… and format them as a simple RAID drive group, or format them individually. Your choice. You set the parameters you wish your drives to be formatted and plotted.

(As a note… the Simple RAID group of 5 drives seems to perform much faster than the same drives did when formatted and plotted as individual drives, and I get hardly any HHD, WAKE UP ! issues… as they all perform as 1 drive… not a bunch of individual drives would.)

Sending the files via Internet seems to be a pretty slow way to do it. Anyway… if you don’t mind some special FedEx handling (with insurance on your drives) I would be happy to help you to plot your drives for a modest negotiable fee in Burst. I need to get my computer paying for itself somehow.

I can use ether a 1080 Ti GPU or my Duel CPU’s to plot with, your choice. You decide which you want me to use. I can be reached at…
I live in the USA in Eugene Oregon area. So shipping within the USA shouldn’t be so bad… on UPS or FedEx. I would never use the USPS to ship your drives.

Presently my computer isn’t doing much… so its a good time to put it to work. Presently… I can do 10 drives in a single plot. If you have some serious plotting in mind… I can expand my server to another 24 or more drive bays fairly easily… and plot in multiple’s. I have lots of room in my rack for more drive bays, and wouldn’t be against plotting a petabyte or more drives if the conditions are right. Lets talk.

Regards, Leslieallen