Remote node and offline sign transaction


I have two important questions (or suggestions?):

  1. How can i connect to the remote node (NOT online wallet. I don’t wanna to give my private info to the online wallet). Because i don’t wanna download blockchain and i will never to do it because it’s annoying! I don’t have space/traffic/time/etc… Never mind. Just just do not want to! Why u just don’t add possible to connect to remote node? Why !?

  2. How can i sign transaction offline? I will keep all my keys at offline PC, which have plug off the wireless card and encrypt all hard drive with VeraCrypt. And only on this PC i will store my keys. So how can i sign transaction on this PC ??

This 2 questions is the only one which stop me to invest in Burst. Because it’s a base question about confortability and security.

P.C. QBundle is a very bad wallet, because it’s eat a lot of my resources, time and mental health. And forcing me to download MANY MANY piece of… programs. .NET Framework, Java, Core-wallet components, Paper Burst, BlockChain data… MOTHER OF GOD. Are u seriously??? I just want to push 1 button to openwallet, and push another button to send transaction. I don’t want to do all this annoying things!!!

Where is the user friendly ??


And one more thing: Is it possible to derive a multiple address from one pass-phrase ??





So can someone get me answer ?
I still waiting, and don’t know what to do…


maybe you can tell us what you actually want to achieve rather than just having a rant, do you want to mine Burst or not?

and have a look at this, it might answer some of your questions


What exactly u not understand ?? Maybe i do not write well in English, or what…

  1. Is it possible to connect to the remote node (without download blockchain)?
    Yes - How?

  2. Is it possible to sign transaction on offline PC, which never had internet connection ?

  3. Is it possible to derive multiple Burst addresses from one passphrase ?


what exactly don’t you understand?

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No


As @OMB stated, the answers are currently no. However, I do believe #1 and #2 are future goals :wink:


#3 no?

How Burst can be a cryptocurrency if it don’t have this base and important features ?