Replotting for percent


With p.c. pending and with the velocity boom in case you are inclined to replot for it, i might wish that we should get some better plotting equipment.

as an example…

should there be a plot converter that might convert among percent and p.c., without virtually replotting?

could we get a GPU plotter that could keep where it left off while it crashes? this is the main cause i take advantage of a CPU plotter, due to the fact usually the GPU plotter could fail mid-plot approximately 2/3rds of the time, so it ended up costing more
time than the usage of the CPU plotter from the get-go.

should a manner be documented on how to replot a force while the mining of that equal power turned into nonetheless going on?

Is there a Wiki web page that files all the plotters with capabilities, pros/cons, speeds, etc.? This might be helpful given the fact that there is probably 250PBs that might need to be replotted for percent.

any other thoughts around this?
I’m now not looking ahead to replotting 100TBs, however I’d be willing to to be able to speed up mining times.