Replotting for PoC2

With PoC2 pending and with the speed increase if you are willing to replot for it, I would hope that we could get some better plotting tools.

For example…

Could there be a plot converter that would convert between poc1 and poc2, without really replotting?

Could we get a GPU plotter that could continue where it left off when it crashes? That is the main reason I use a CPU plotter, because typically the GPU plotter would fail mid-plot about 2/3rds of the time, so it ended up costing more
time than using the CPU plotter from the get-go.

Could a process be documented on how to replot a drive while the mining of that same drive was still going on?

Is there a Wiki page that documents all of the plotters with features, pros/cons, speeds, etc.? This might be helpful given the fact that there might be 250PBs that might want to be replotted for PoC2.

Any other ideas around this?
I’m not looking forward to replotting 100TBs, but I’d be willing to in order to speed up mining times.


PoC2 will not be released with 2.0.0, so there is going to be a decent amount of time until we have to worry about it.

The PoCC has said they will release a conversion tool so that people will not have to just replot.

We will have to wait and see what the software creators are going to do…someone has to create a GPU plotter on their own that will resume.

As for tutorials and guides, and the wiki…everyone is able to add to the wiki and also go on their own and create guides to share with the community.

Last I saw, PoC2 has been added to Turboplotter …


Here is a great article on POC 2

POC2 Explained


Does GPU plotting yield a speed increase? My plotting seems to be I/O bound.

Gerald, plotting is based on nonce/min. SMR drives cannot be plotted any faster than ~3000 nonce/min, they just won’t take it and if you force feed them they will die, so best to throttle your plotter to just under 3000 and wait it out. Spread the load: run multiple drive plots simultaneously and/or across multiple machines. I once had (10) 8TB SMR drives plotting for 12 days to completion. Alternately look up TurboPlotter9000 from blackpawn, it works very well and will cut down SMR plotting times to about 25% using a good quality cache drive. Normal PMR drives can take faster plots, this is where we get into talking about hardware, CPU vs GPU. Typical “decent” CPU nonce/min range from ~10K-20K nonce/min, GPUs have a much wider range depending on GPU quality. I’ve seen a GPU do 40K nonce/min, however the “desktop” drive could not take it. Enterprise class drives can take on more bandwidth, but is it worth the $ just to plot faster when the drive will spend the rest of it’s life sitting on a shelf? Hope this helps out. Words of wisdom: Plotting = Patience.

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Thanks for the numbers! I’m getting 13,200 nonces/min on an old (but 24 core) CPU so it’s good to know that’s acceptable. All of my drives are older too, so I’m guess they’re PMR. And you answered my question about GPUs too: It might make more sense with a RAID0 array with many members but not for normal people.

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