Request burst, Thanks

Hi i am new to mining burst and have just started an account, i would greatly appreciate any burst to get me started.

my address is BURST-XMNX-P8AC-KGC3-2EKHG

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apparently you’ve got 8’899.02469847 BURST

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I had 13,650 on an old account which got hacked and now when ever I earn burst to that account it get sent to another account.

So I made a new account yesterday with a better passphrase and have 0 transactions not 10,000. Even my account that had 13,650 had only had 13 transactions as I purchase the coins through a friend who has an account on bitrex.
The pool I was apart of has the balance 8000 and it makes sense for the pool to have 10000 transactions

This address you posted shows a balance of almost 12,000 BURST. Make a copy/paste mistake?

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thats my bad, i posted the address for the pool i am going to join.

My address is: BURST-NQNG-25R6-7GCN-9GM76

Sorry for taking so long to come back on the forum, it looks like you found a coin in the meantime. Good luck!

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