Request for BurstCoin 2017


Hello and welcome to this post of a request for help:) As a new user to BurstCoin I am looking to start but require the assistance from a fair lady or gentleman in the form of a donation to my account in order to process the account activation. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post, and to the person who kindly assists, please know i will take my turn once established in returning here to forward coin to the next generation.

hopefully that was a different kind of intro :slight_smile:

kind regards



Sent a few your way.


@FlippyCakes you are a star, many thanks however… i have managed to break my system somehow so cant confirm this just yet :frowning: once I can get back into my wallet, I will update you.

many thanks for the donation and reply :slight_smile:



hurrah, all sorted, wallet up to date and donated coins gratefully verified @FlippyCakes. first 500gb plotting (slooooowly!!) but should all be ready to mine soon :slight_smile: Now I am just looking to find the right pool and were off :wink: