Reward error

Hello all,
I have had some difficulty setting up everything, but it seems to be working now. The machine has been working with 3TB for 2 weeks (to see if it works). I use the pool recommended by ryanw who send me 1 Burst (thanks again) here; I changed my reward as per instructions at the config. It does mine, but I have not received anything and found this error message. I have been struggling with this for a while now, so any help would be greatly appreciated. :thinking:

How often do you get that error?

It looks like it was accepted at least twice.

Yes I’d like to know if you’ve gotten that error a lot.

There’s a possibility that you didn’t plot correctly. Do you have more than one plot file?

Can you provide a screenshot of the mining window on qbundle where you click “start mining”? I would like to see the plot files that are shown in the bottom part of that window.

However, at last a part of it is done right because you have a little pending on the pool.