Reward recipient error

I have read several of the threads about this and tried several different things. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. I have replotted by drive twice. I have restarted my computer several times lol. Not really sure of what to do at this point? No matter what I do i get the error that it did not succeed.

Any help would be welcome.

Do you have a coin in your address? It costs 1 BURST.

What is your address?

Edit - I found your address, and you have one coin. Also, keep in mind that your wallet needs to be synced up with the network before you can set reward recipient.

Also, the install/reinstall and replotting drives have nothing to do with this, so no need to continue that. I think best would be to post screenshots of what you are doing step by step so we can tell you what’s missing.

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thanks. Some one sent me one. trying again now.

So I was able to change my reward recipient but now the option to chose pool mining is grayed out and I can not select it. I am not a computer illiterate person and this process has been something else lol.

I assume you’ve figured out by now that it takes a bit for the reward recipient to confirm :slight_smile:
4 blocks to be precise.

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Yeah. It took a little longer than what I thought it would from the other post I have read. So I have another question. I have read some other threads on it but still not fully grasping How do I check on the pool that I am part of? Like how do I know how much we have mined and how much I would get?

On the first page, on

You will see a box on the bottom left that you can enter your Burst address. Enter, and click subscribe and you will see what data the pool has for that address.

Thanks for all the help when I started out a few weeks ago. I am only running 4.5TB right now so its slow going. But I am up to 17 coins. Payout isnt until 100 but I will be sure to repay the favor.

I’m glad you’re moving along though! Thanks for the update!