Reward Recipient issue

I found out I need another burstcoin to set the reward Reward Recipient. Can someone donate one over please?


Your reward recipient is set to right now

That’s weird I’m getting this error in the blagominer.

“Account’s reward recipient doesn’t match the pool’s”

What could I be doing wrong?

Hmm… perhaps you have plotted with the wrong numeric ID (one for another Burst address)

I’m getting the same error. I see in the initial blago miner window that my reward recipient is set to my account number but, i noticed that when i “set” my reward recipient, it says it did not succeed. My thought was its because it costs a burst to set the recipient and i currently have a zero balance. If i am wrong in this, I should pull down my post to request a burst. Don’t want to waste one especially one that was donated to me! Thoughts?

Yes, you do need one Burst to set your reward recipient. That is absolutely correct.