RFP Request for Proposal for Graphic Arts work


I have plans for a Burst related website. www.Burstminingtown.com
I am requesting proposals from artists for the following 9 images

Main web page – I want a picture looking along a street in an old west mining town. Buildings along the left and right sides.
1 A Bank
2 A newspaper office
3 A general store
4 A stable
5 A sheriffs office
6 A Saloon
7 A hotel/restaurant
8 A stage coach/train depot
And I will also need an interior image of the above buildings.
9 images in all.
I will only accept proposals in Burst. I don’t want a dollar equivalent. You figure out how many burst you will accept. I will accept submissions for the next 7 days. Please submit images with proposal. I declare in advance that only the winner will be kept, all other images will be deleted at end of 7 days.
Thank you.
Please email to proposals@burstminingtown.com