SAN / NAS networking bandwidth requirements?

Hi, completely new to hdd mining.

waits for first burst coin

anyways, while i’m here, thought i’d ask the big boys.

what kind of bandwidth does a single hard drive use? IE, 1TB. does this usage go up per TB?

Say, i had a 1000TB SAN system running on a 8Gbps fibre connection – i guess i could mpio it, so… 4x 8Gbps connections.

would a 32Gbps network be fast enough to handle 1000TB system?

i some times have the opportunity to get these older san systems for basically nothing. my boss @ work believes they are worth nothing, and wont even wait a week to sell them when they come in… so we often just throw them out for scrap.

i would have to rent a warehouse as these things are loud as fuck. so also have to make sure it would be able to cover the rent. $2000/mo type thing. shits expensive :frowning:

other question would be, how much cpu power would i need for a 1000TB system?

i remember about a year ago, we had a 2000TB system, sell for $500, because for whatever reason my boss cant wait a week for anything to sell… i asked him once, if he thought $50 now was better than $5000 tomorrow. He said $50 now. he’s completely retarded. i’m so choked on that one.

Hey man, I wish I had more time to go and try to find some references for you, but alas, I just have time to send you a coin.

I haven’t reached any points as to where I have to start calculating throughput for scanning drives. But, I can give you a number to do some maths on :slight_smile: The data that will be read from the drives per round is 1/4096 th of the size of the plotfiles. So, taking into account 1000TB about 0.25TB will need to be transferred in a timely fashion. Then it gets more complicated…hdd read speeds, cpu or gpu power…etc etc. Sorry, but that’s about as good as I can give you on it.

Sent the coin over, have a read on how to get activated here if you still need to :slight_smile:
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ahh kool, thx.

so. 60 seconds per scan. i guess i could remove the redundancy from the controllers in these setups to double the bandwidth, reducing it to 30 seconds per scan.

wellll… starting with my servers at home for now. if it can bring enough $$$ per tb. i might try a real setup :slight_smile: