See how much i mined

Hey. I mine on there is a Minimum of payout 250 burst. Where i can see how much i mined already? I cant find my Id on there Page:// my id: BURST-JLPY-UFJT-BW67-DEPB6

Please help a newbe:/

Hey Holopolis,

Fairly new here as well and have learned from quite a few mistakes. You can check your details here (see link below). Are you mining solo or pool mining? How large is your total plot size? I know in my miner app it shows me my chances of finding a block (solo mining). Since I’m just starting I’ve dedicated only a few TB of space and my chances were 0.00025% on some. Being a small fish I quickly moved over to pool mining.

Best of luck,


@Holopolis I looked up your account in the explorer like @ryguy00 said. Your reward recipient is set correctly to the burstpay pool. So…something else is wrong. I see no history for your address on the pool. It could be that you have too little space plotted, or some other problem with the miner…