Seek help


I can do this step, but next I don’t know what to do.I hope you everybody give me some advice.


What are you trying to accomplish?


hello,How to mine burst coins?


That is super vague, perhaps try reviewing this first and then when you have a specific problem or question let us know,:grinning:


I’m a friend from China. I follow the link you gave, or do not understand, where can I see the excavation work?



You are a very good person,Thank you very much!:+1:


welcome to burst here a pools list :slight_smile:


Hello! You see me right?How long will it take to reach my wallet?thank you!


in the next 24 hrs or so what pool r u on ?


我是在这个池 ,你看可以吗?Which pool would you think would be better?


是的,这是一个很好的游泳池,所有者是100%的突发支出将是第一次矿工30小时你需要得到在池中的分享,但你会幸福的好水池 :slight_smile: good luck and there asset on that pool as will :sunglasses::blush:


How many bursts can 1TB’s hard disk produce in a day?:思维:


I use to tell me but showing 5 burst for 24 hrs


Well, I see.What motherboard and CPU did you use?What kind of motherboard can carry more hard disks?


I have a mac pro tower I use usb like the mac can only hold 4hhd I am plotting my drives now 5.6tb to get me going :slight_smile: