Sell me some Burst please?


Thank You! Need about 5,000-10,000 or whatever. Thanks!!
Paypal or Zelle or CASH or 420 or btc


Hello Bitcon415.
Has anybody felt comfortable enough to trade with you this way?
maybe it is a possibility to use Bisq for your BURST trading. I just saw that it is possible this way.


No one has contacted me. I have been promoting Bisq and burst on Twitter and the Facebook stock trading and #QAnon #AI Groups I Am part of. I have mined 878 Burst since posting this.

Anyone who can tell me how to make GPUPLOTTER to Work on Windows 10 i7 7700 Processor with Nvidia1050Ti card to work I will reward! I cant get The repository to build with CmakeGUI Because eit wont see the Cmake.txt file or something like that.



I have 1000 Burst on offer on Bisq exchange for only 0.0000012 BTC


@RickMGoldie @RickMGoldie you need to stop spamming all the channels, you also need to put that in the right channel and/or with the right people.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Please help me understand which thread is more appropriate than someone asking for someone to sell them burst coin. I am not intending to spam. Trying to be helpful actually.