Selling off 76TB of my external drives


Hi all. Evo here. I’ve got a bit of a financial jam and have decided to sell off parts from my mining rig to help ease the burden. This might be a good opportunity to expand your rig.

I’m currently mining with 120TB as Evo on the pool.

I’ve listed eleven of my external drives on my eBay account. For sale are four Seagate STEB5000100 5TB drives and seven Seagate STEB8000100 8TB drives. That’s 76TB of capacity! I’m asking $1,500 plus $30 to cover packaging and shipping. This amounts to $136.36 per drive or $19.74 per Terabyte. Two Sabrent 4-port hubs are included. The eBay listing number is 172869563743, it is a “buy it now” listing, it is active, and I sell as NWISales.


Good luck with your sale @Evo!


@Evo I would love those. Especially since I know you took such great care of them.
If I was closer I would buy them :smiley:
I wish you all the luck and for those looking you are all lucky.
Check it out!


Good luck, may be a little expensive for used hardware though.