Sending a burst & changing reward assignment


Hi there! I’m very new here, and I’m having a lot of trouble even trying to set up my mining.

I’m trying to begin mining using a guide on Steemit, but unfortunately when I got to the 11th step and hit “change” to change my reward pool, I got a “The webpage cannot be found” instead of a page where I’d enter the wallet address and my passphrase. What can I do?

Also, I need 2 burst coins to send 1 burst coin… Is it necessary in the beginning? I see there’s a message saying that it may be dangerous, but I just wanted to make sure.

Thank you for reading!


u r running a local wallet is what u need and the pool info let ne know your burst address so i can send u some coinsto get u going :slight_smile:


Hi Jam1!

Thanks for your post.

I tried clicking on the link, but it seems to be broken… am I supposed to put it in for the pool?

My Burst address is BURST-NTNF-M2W2-5NQH-FVDKC. Thank you so much! I promise to pay it forward =). I really like how this community requires donations of kind people like you. It makes for a very nice place.


No Need to pay it back here a video i use to get set up hope it help u


Thank you so much jam1!


Np here to help


Hi there,
I am also new and I am having the same problem too, which is page not found when I want to change reward assignment. After discovered this page and use the link of as instructed by jam1, I am able to enter into the page but after keying in the mining pool wallet and my secret passphrase, here is what i see : {“errorDescription”:“Not enough funds”,“errorCode”:6}

What is wrong?