Sent DL: are discarded

Facing a new problem…
SInce yesterday it seems my miner (nearing 100TB) is unable to send DL
Message: sent DL: [number] Discarded
Now pool mining on BMF50
Had the same on other pools
It starts fine and half a day later this problem begins.
Pool account statistics seem fine.

Can not find any information about this problem…(google does not know :frowning:)

Any help is much appreciated

Hey man, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this “discarded thing” it was on Blago?

Anyway, it’s not a problem, all I see it doing is not sending these deadlines because there’s already been a better one submitted.

Sorry for the late response… I bet it was a short server problem.

Hey… Thanks for reaction Ryanw… (You are the same Ryanw as on Discord?)

Yes, I did ran Blago at that time. Had some install problems with Scavenger (solved now)

Well… what it was… it was…I solved it by disconnecting 4 small 500G disks. then problem was gone.
Coincidence? maybe…
After that i plotted a brand new 4TB.

Now … a year after solving many problems, and even quitting the game, Started up again in April and now I finally have my 100TB online… working flawless.
Started mining with Scavenger yesterday evening…Solid as a rock …
Have my remarks on the Scavenger “must haves before install” but will share that later on…

Plans for the near future?
Yes …Gonna order some new SATA Controllers and matching cables.
Set-up an GTX 1050TI to do the Scaveging :slight_smile:
Scavenge the world for disk deals…New, refurb, and dirt cheaps untested.
Do some Storage provider testing… In the process of research and talking to a provider in my region.
Problem is, I don’t want it to cost anything as long as the performance is not as good as running the show on my local machine. Proof of the pudding so to speak…

I have some more plans but more as a side track …I will keep the Getburst and the Discord community informed when the time is right.

Well thats it for now

Cheers, Burstcoin loving Friends…

Yes, I am the same as on the discord server :slight_smile:
I’m glad you’re back in the game. I have also been using scavenger for quite some time, it’s a very nice and stable miner.
You may want to check out and maybe some of your wish list is there.

Good luck!