Server error: 520 origin error


I see this message pops up in my miner from time to time, what does it mean?


Is your pool cloudflare protected?
Lately i have seen this error code when cloudflare is involved.


Yep, the pool is cloudflare protected


I suggest you talk to pool owner about the problem then.


This happens during the initial rush to submit deadlines. It has nothing to do with cloudflare, and I will get this fixed right away. It shouldn’t affect mining at all, just let your miner retry. Sorry for inconvenience.


Should be fixed now. Let me know if you guys notice any other problems.


Nope, still picking up the same error, but it’s erratic


Hmmm… I’ll check the logs. Seems CPU usage is awfully high, but your miner should confirm anyway. The pool may even accept the deadline, just never respond because it is too busy. I’ll have to check.


Miner confirms