Setting reward assign does the pool now my password now?



what exatly happen when i set reward recipient?

Do the pool admin know my password now?

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no is just saying your going to me mining on that pool burst address when the pool get a block any burst address under there reward recipient will get payed out. no one will get your password


But why then i need my password to set the reward recipient? What is the sense?


Ok think of it like this the pool will hold any block that the pool wins the pool is not ploting or looking for dl the miner r when u set a reward recipient u r telling the pool to get the block u mine and payout all the miners :slight_smile: that was sending dl at the time hope this helps


What is dl?


Dead line the best dl win the block here a video to help:) but so know not all pools r trustworthy i made a list to help ppl out i mine on all the pool for 24hr and got payed so i added then to list About the Mining and Plotting category