Setting up creepminer config



… and welcome to my journey into Burstcoin mining! I have a few questions maybe other experienced users of creepminer could explain;

  • What are the urls? There is “miningInfo” (guessing URL to pool)? There is “submission” (also pool?)? and wallet (my wallet?)?.

Im using cryptoguru wallet so the url for that is I’m such a noobie so I just pick one pool, went with Set these up as “miningInfo” and “submission”.

  • I don’t understand the deadline (“targetDeadline”). It seems to be that stuff happens in seconds, so why are deadlines in months++? How do I find out what my “targetDeadline” is and the pools so I can get a good match? As I understand it I want my deadline to be lower than the pools so I get a part of the action, but what is “my” deadline?


Hey @BurstYoYo … I have no experience with anything Linux in regards to Burst, but I can answer your questions.

The URLs for mininginfo, and submission is the pool URL with the port number.

I don’t know what the difference is between pool. and ninja., but TateA has been referencing his pool as using port 80

You don’t need to put a wallet info in, I don’t believe, unless you are solo mining. So, you can just leave that blank. (Unless creepminer needs this for some reason?)

For deadline, you can just leave that blank as well, and your miner will just follow the deadline limit of the pool.

Hopefully a Linux user can jump in and correct anything wrong, or just validate the information I gave you.


I dont run linux :slight_smile:

What miner are you running?



So, I recently tried the creep miner just for kicks and I quite like it.
You have to read the manual and experiment to find the right config in regards to how many threads to use, because otherwise it is painfully slow. But once I got that dialed in it is consistenlty about up to 10s faster than blagominer, at least for me. I have an old amd 6 core and I set it to 4 reader threads and 5 verify threads. This produced the shortest scan times for me. If someone has some tips for the settings I’d like to hear them.
(I still can’t run the newest version of blago because it crashes for me, even with showwinner disabled)

What I really like is the documentation on github, also it has nice features like the web site wich is like a mini pool info site.
Not saying it is better, but it works differently from blago miner and I think depending on the setup it might be faster or slower. Definitely worth a try if you like tinkering with stuff.


I’m using creepminer on Linux

Here is the part of my config you need

“processorType” : “CPU”,
“rescanEveryBlock” : false,
“submissionMaxRetry” : 3,
“targetDeadline” : “0y 6m 0d 00:00:00”,
“timeout” : 30,
“urls” : {
“miningInfo” : “”,
“submission” : “”,
“wallet” : “

What you put for the deadline depends on your pools setup.