Shall I burst with one coin!


I am not only new to Burstcoin but new to the crypto world in general. I heard of BURST on the Adapt2030 Youtube channel and decided to buy some coins on For Bittrex I was to late unfortunately. I am using currently a Mac but plan to switch to Linux. The wallet install for Mac does not work for me. Meanwhile, I installed the new 0.2.0 Android wallet from PoC on my smartphone.
I have following questions:
Do I need to ask for one BURST to activate this wallet?
Is this the wallet ID I enter into the ‘Burst address:’ field?
Do I have to add a message into the ‘Message:’ field?
Are there better exchanges to join as of today other then Their support really sucks.
To jump deeper into the BURST platform like mining, etc, is it better to have a Linux box or should I invest in a Windows system?

Thanks in advance. This is indeed becoming very exiting.

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The android app right now is meant for already established accounts. I advise using this one to get your wallet activated:

I know Bittrex requires a message along with the coins to transfer to them, but I do not know anything about how livecoin works unfortunately. You can also check out for purchasing Burstcoin.

If you are proficient with linux, I see no reason using that. Use what you are comfortable with. There are enough tools to get everything done with linux.

BURST-49KW-5GL8-EDZ7-6YCZS is the wallet ID I believe.

You need to perform one transaction to “activate” your wallet. I suggest chaning your reward recipient for pool mining once you get to that.

I have sent a couple coins over to you to get started.

Highly recommend pool for mining. No fee, and run by the Burst developers!

Thank you for your coins.
I have now two wallets in the Android App
BURST-ZPDP-MBA2-VGWJ-FKWWC which is the wallet created by the Online Burst Wallet.
If I understand this correctly, I should from now on use the Burst Online Wallet address and use it also to transfer my Burstcoins from and remove the BURST-49KW-5GL8-EDZ7-6YCZS wallet from the Android App.
Regarding the message field, what would one use if it were Bittrex? Does one use a specific text required by the Bittrex exchange or can it be just something. Sorry for asking again but responses take for ever.

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You can also import your one created by online wallet into the app if you wish. Then you can manage from both online wallet and the android app. You can access account from any working Burst wallet software. There is no need to remove it unless you are not planning to use.

I believe Bittrex requires you to send a message (which they specify) along with your transaction so that they coins are associated with your account.

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