Show the world your love for Burst with these infographics!


Dear Bursters,

We recently launched a series of infographics to explain in a simple and visually pleasant way why Burst has a place among the top cryptocurrencies. They are a great way to show friends, family, neighbors or anybody willing to listen why they should get interested in Burst ASAP, so feel free to share them. For more seasoned community members, it’s always good to get a quick reminder of why you are here in the first place.

These are the first two infographics but there are more to come. Make sure to follow the @burstcoin_dev twitter account and to check regularly so you don’t miss them!

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these are pretty neat. Would love to see some about smart contracts and encryption


A new infographic and its article explaining the process of Burst mining and why it is revolutionary:

As always, it’s meant to be shared!


And there you go, a PoC vs PoS infographic! Spread the word!

The associated article: