Show us your Mining Rigs


OK I know this is an old Topic and these Pics will have been seen before, but we need some pictures :slight_smile:

System shown here is Asus Z97-WS MB with a water cooled i7-4790k with 32GB RAM running Win 10. 16 x 4TB & 5TB Toshiba Canvio USB 3 Drives. 80TB at time of photo.

I run jminer on a Sapphire R9-290X. Time to scan the Drives is 11 Seconds.


What if

Hey @RichBC that looks pretty slick. My miner has gone to the asset that I manage now, but here it is. I have 9 8Tb external drives, a 1.5TB internal (this was my first mining hdd), and an 80GB WD enterprise for the OS. It’s got 8GB DDR3, and a i5-3550S CPU. Scan times are over 40 seconds for everything usually, but I’m hoping that will change when Blago releases his new miner.

It’s in my office of my business…there is so much dust that I gave up trying to keep up with it. I just clean everything out about once a month.


Here is my Burst miner. It consists of a main chassis with 24 drives and a SuperMicro mobo with a Xeon E5-2683 V3 with 14 cores / 28 threads. It does about 30,000 nonces/min with xplotter.

It has 3 external chassis connected to it via dedicated LSI HBA controllers with 8 x 6Gpbs channels going to each SAS expander. The 24 drives in the main chassis also has a dedicated LSI controller, also with 8 x 6Gbps.

Here’s the main chassis:

And here it is in the rack with the other 3 enclosures below it:

View from behind:

There are a total of 84 drives. They are a mix of 2, 4, 6 and 8TB drives.

Here’s a shot of the rig plotting 3 drives while mining at the same time:

Once I’m done plotting, the scan times should improve, but 36 seconds for .25 PB isn’t too bad with 3 xplotter sessions going on at the same time.


I am not even going to try to top that. Now I have Hard Drive envy ;[


Nice setup. Are you mining Solo or on a Pool and what sort of earnings are you seeing at the moment with 250TB?



I’m solo mining forging between 1 and 3 blocks every 24 hours. I had the equipment already and 60 2TB hard drives (old Hitachi 7200 RPM drives) and it was a backup system for my media server (the 5th chassis in the rack). So I would only power it on once a month to do a sync against the media server. Then I caught the mining bug and started mining on a 1070 and a pair of 980Ti’s. I then discovered Burst and decided to re-purpose my backup server it. I have a friend with a similar setup doing the same. We each have a mirror of each other’s media, so having a local backup as well wasn’t really necessary.

I upgraded my main media server from 12 x 6TB + 12 x 4TB drives to 24 x 6TB drives (2 x 12 in RAID 60) and then added to 12 x 4TB drives to the Burst server. Then BestBuy started having the 8TB Easy Store externals on sale for $179.99 and $159.99, so I started to snatch those up and shuck the drives from them. I have gotten pretty good and can shuck a drive in about 60 seconds now, without breaking any tabs. lol

On the GPU mining front I quickly found that the 980Ti’s are not the cards to use for mining, so I sold those and picked up a Zotac 1080Ti. Running it at 70% power and OC both core and memory, it did better than the 2 980Ti’s combined and used way less power to boot. Then the bug really set in and I build a dedicated mining rig with 6 EVGA 1080Ti cards on a MSI Z270-A PRO motherboard, complete with 6 1x PCIe risers.

Along the way I added a 100A sub-panel in my “server room” and switched to 240V UPSs for the Burst and Media servers. The GPU miner is also feed 240V directly from the sub-panel (don’t care if there is a power interruption since nothing is written to hard drives).

All this stuff is in my basement but now that I’m generating over 3,000 watt worth of heat, I added a 750 CFM exhaust fan to extract the hot air from the server room:

However, that turned out to be a disaster for the rest of the house and I now had negative pressure everywhere and hot humid air was being pulled into the house from all cracks in doors, windows and walls, so my main HVAC unit had to work overtime and was not able to maintain 74 degrees inside and it was 90 plus outside.

So I removed the exhaust fan and temporarily got a portable 12,000 BTU A/C unit:

That sucker is drawing over 1,400W and runs constantly, so I have ordered a 24,000 BUT 22 SEER inverter based mini split, which I hope will resolve the issue once and for all and have excess capacity for future expansion.

My power is pretty cheap ($0.08 per kWh) AND I have a 20,000 kWh solar system with a net metering arrangement with my POCO, so my effective cost is only about $0.02 kWh, depending on consumption. I was actually producing more that I consumed before I stared mining, so I have a “bank” of kWh with the POCO. So I keep telling myself (and the wife) that justifies all this. lol

Mining is a disease worse than drug addition I’m telling you!


@crazydane I don’t have much to say about your setup except that I’m in awe…

I was about ready to mention getting one of those split units until I saw that that’s what you’re doing :slight_smile:


Here’s my newest rig. :slight_smile:

Sixteen 8TB drives for a total of 128 TB. Scan time with Blago’s newest miner using AVX2 on a Ryzen 1700 is about 20 seconds. NiceHash or ZCash mining with the 1080s.


All of these nice looking set ups … makes me feel like I shouldn’t have shown my big mess of a miner lol


@gersey I know, I fell so small.
I have 4TB and I haven’t mined in so long.

Guys you have great stuff, I can’t wait to get set up again.
One day I will post my big rigs, with the big boys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


very similar to your rig, i use drivers slot blackplane of HP DL180G6,and HP SAS Expander to make a Hdd cabinet with 12 3.5’ hdd, and use dell h200 flash it mode for HBA (6G) , blackplane cost $8 and SAS Expander $9 and h200 $30.
i use 2 h200 for HBA, 7 backplane, 3 sas expander card mining 84 hdds .
use jminer, amd hd5770, scan times 80s too slowly, maybe i should find some lsi controller to replace SAS Expander or use more hba card.
I buy a dell 12gb HBA ,but something error when use SFF8087-4sata cable, it use pcie3.0 8x and max 256 driver, cost $100, maybe it can driver huge hdds in good scan times.

I found dell 12gb HBA ,use SFF8087-4sata cable, in windows can’t find drivers. but in linux(unbunt 16.04) it’s ok.

Now i use dell R710 2x5650,but not support avx , mining too slowly, but I’ve bought a huawei RH2288V2 (FLGA2011, 2xe5-2660 v2) to mining, the cpu support avx ,and it’s cheaper than DELL R720 etc…
maybe LGA1356 is a better choice ,because cpu support avx and more cheaper.



Please tell me your HDD enclosure product name and manufacture.
I bought NORCO HDD enclosures. It’s cheep but Chinese quality…


They’re not mine but I want to guess they’re Seagate externals…


I use Supermicro 846 chassis that I purchased used on eBay. I don’t see any really good deals right now, but they are similar to this one:

You don’t want the ones like this one with the BPN-SAS-846A backplane. You want one with the BPN-SAS2-846A backplane that supports larger than 4TB drives and SAS2 6GPBS speed.

The Supermicro stuff is commercial quality for sure. I want to say that I paid about $350 for each of mine, but that was a while ago. They might not be around for that price any longer, especially not with the SAS2 expander backplanes.

I also replaced the 2 x 1200W PSUs on mine with a single 500W Platinum for better efficiency. They can be found for around $50 a pop.


Thank you crazydane.

In Japan, we will do more than $ 200 for rack mount cases containing SAS expanders. It is abnormal. I do not know the reason.
The case of NORCO is bad from the basic part of the quality of the screw, the hand is full of blood with steel breaks and exposed screws etc.
My BURST COIN server is cursed.


Oh. I mistake price.


That’s my Rig. Spared no expenses. :innocent:
Abit IP35Pro
8gb ram

And all the drives I could find.


$2000 is crazy, and NORCO is so hot, i must use 8cm fan , i’ve removed all NORCO


Fever and structure of the case are irrelevant. Hot waste heat means that the HDD inside the case is chilled.
NORCO’s case has various drawbacks. However, it is excellent for discharging the heat of the HDD outside the case. This is the maximum and required function.


geting it back online just need the cpu to come in msi a270 a pro 6 gtx 1060 6gb Samsung memory got lucky 8gb ddr4 ram 1000w evga gold 80+ and a aaawave mining frame