Show us your Mining Rigs


It looks better than the one I bought


Thanks for sharing

This $200 thing seems has Mobo, ram, processor. It is cheaper than we buy a new ATX set.
But the components seems very old. And using sata2 controller.
Wouldn’t this too slow for us to mine burstcoin


@adamwu68 Honestly I don’t think it’s to slow for Burst coin because Burst coin is a Proof of capacity algorithms but I would definitely ask @crazydane for advice because he is The Godfather of the SuperMicro servers… nonetheless the chassis itself seems like is a good deal


If you look closely at that $200 chassis, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Its a TQ chassis. This means it does not have a SAS expander in the backplane, but rather 24 individual SATA connectors. So you need 24 SATA ports to use all the bays. Most modern motherboards have 6-8 SATA connectors, so you still need 16-18 ports. You can use an HBA card, such as a LSI 9211-8i which has 2x SFF-8087 connectors. For those you can get 2 fan-out cables that will provide a total of 8 SATA connectors for the backplane. You would need 2 of those HBA’s to do all 24 drives, assuming you have 8 SATA port on the mobo as well. Those HBA’s run about $50 each.

  2. Those 900W PSU’s are old-school screamers that are not very efficient and the fans run at 100% all the time (about 8,000 RPM). So you would want to swap those out for some Gold or Platinum rated ones. You really only need 1 (that’s all I run in mine), and one of those will run about $50 if you find a good deal.

So my recommendation would be to get a newer chassis with a SAS2 backplane. This way, you just need to feed it a single SFF-8087 cable which has 4x6Gbps worth of bandwidth.

You can run any motherboard you’d like in the Supermicro Chassis, but you need a front panel adapter cable to make things easy. One of these:

Hope that helps.


Thanks for telling us. The $200 one seems has all the component. It has mobo, ram, etc…

But overall they are like drug as you mentioned. Hard to stop buying high end stuff to fulfill our mining will.


Hey guys,

I work for a server manufacture company called QOS Servers. I too recently got into the mining bug. @CrazyDane, I think your setup is incredible. But you never did tell us how much you are earning in burstcoins each day/month.

Anyways, so the supermicro chassis you guys are using are very HOT. They require lots of high powered fans to cool the drives because the design of the server is, well- cheap. Sorry to say. Our servers have a patented heat sink technology that wraps a 16 drive array in aluminum which causes the heat of the spinning drives to basically evaporate without the need for loud and high powered fans.

@CrazyDane, I bet the noise and heat in that server room of yours is unbearable for any human being. While I’m not knocking your use of resources and the simple fact that you had those servers lying around, I think its great. However, for people who want to invest into a mining rig for burst coin I think our QOS server is better in the long run. Since it runs cooler, with less energy required.

We do custom builds for miners and we have the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and windows OS pre-installed. We can even setup the mining software for you if you want. After you guys buy the hard drives, mobo, ram, etc… you are paying thousands of dollars do do it yourself. Let us do it for you and you get these awesome servers that run very cool. You could have all that rack space down to a single 8RU QOS server running at a fraction of the electricity with soo much less heat.

We offer these wonderful 10TB helium drives which also run so cool to really capitalize on the heat sink technology. You don’t even need an AC unit. Those AC units are going to cost you down the road. That’s why I think if you guys want to invest in mining game for burst in the long term a heat reduction server like the QOS server is the way to go. They are very reliable and if you want to buy used servers, we have those too.

Just check out our website. We mostly work directly through email, but you guys can look at the site to get an idea of the tech behind the server. Then email us by the contact form on the website.

just google qosserver to find our site. I’m a new user and it isn’t letting me link. This isn’t spam. We do offer this service and I think it would be a win-win for the users in this community.


P.S. These pictures are of an 8bay, they show the heat sink that wraps around the drives. We also offer a 16 bay, a 32 bay, and a 48 bay.


please post 48 bay confg with price [quote=“MythBear, post:49, topic:102”]
QOS serve


My brain is melting Lol, thank you for that @crazydane


@MythBear, sounds great and hi-techy, good for you but it also sounds very expensive. Although you may be right about heat and sounds for the price you may be charging I can find a work around for cheaper thanks but no thanks…


@adamwu68 Prepare to come out the pocket for that qosserver…


its not worth to spend too much money. Would rather buy coin directly


Sounds nice and all.
Not much info on the company site at all… also no prices. This stuff is much to expensive for mining. If you don’t think so post some prices?
Go cheap or go home, imo.


Hello Sir, what RAID setting would I be using?


Hey guys,

We normally do not sell just the chassis and heat sink. Normally we sell the complete server. But I’m going to talk to my boss and see if we can strip our servers down for those interested in buying the heat reduction technology + Chassis and power-supply and back-plane. Basically I’m trying to make it as cheap as possible for you all because I believe in miners and the crypto revolution.

Then I’ll also get the quotes on the fully built server which comes with Microsoft Storage Server 2016, RAID Controller card, etc… both with and without the drives. Stay tuned.



Hey Guys,

Back again. So I’ve spoken with my boss and we can offer you all a huge discount. Just keep in mind, we normally charge much much more for these servers in the post-production environment (movies). But since I’m such a crytpo enthusiast my boss has agreed to give a nice discount. I know it’s going to seem like a lot when comparing it to a supermicro chassis, but you got to remember you don’t need A/C. I bet @CrazyDane has spent at least a few grand on his big special A/C system that he is going to have to install and what a huge hassle.

So here’s the deal:

For a 48bay, $6,400 + HDD $19,500 Complete server $33,999

32bay,$5,000 + HDD $13,000 Complete server $25,500

16bay $2,800 + HDD $6,500 Complete server $15,500

8bay, $2,500 + HDD $3,250 Complete server $11,250

The first price column is for the chassis enclosure\power supply\heatsink\backplane\chassis fans. The second price includes Ten TerraByte helium HDDs. So if you get a 48Bay that’s 480TB’s of usable space depending on your RAID config.

The third or last price column is a fully built and working server with operating system installed. Which has a Xeon 8 core processor, 32 gigs ddr4 ram, supermicro mother board, ssd system drive, adaptec raid controller card(s).

These Ten TB drives are enterprise quality drives and will last 3-5 years guaranteed. The backplane is usually SAS 12g, the chassis can support SATA or SAS drives, for example: if you have your own drives and don’t want to buy ours. Obviously this machine can be used for solo mining. But also so much more, maybe you want to host some cloud services? Maybe you want to run storj on one array, Siacoin on another, then burstcoin on the third (if you get a 48bay)

There are lots of different configuration options for this type of server. The network connectivity comes with two onboard 1gigE LAN ports which you can use to connect to the internet. The motherboard has 5 PCIe slots for other adapters. Keep in mind that each Raid card will take up a slot, so the 48 bay needs 3 PCIe slots. So you can then add a 10gigE network card if you want.

Anyways, here are my thoughts. I live in Los Angeles, and power is not cheap here. It’s around $0.14kw/h. During the summer months I spend on average about $15 per day in electricity, that’s just so that I can live, I’m not even talking about mining.

Our QOS servers can run under extreme conditions. So you don’t need to install special A/C units. They are also very quite, hints the name quite on set (QOS). The price of electricity plus the cost of buying the A/C unit, make the QOS expense worth it. The QOS server provides a better ROI for the savings it provides on a daily basis.

The internal temperature of these drives needs to stay below 60C/140F degrees. Our heatsink tech and aircooled chassis can keep those ten TB drives super duper cool. I’m talking about operating in 90 degree heat and the drives don’t burn up!

If you want to sit this server on your desk and use it as a desktop, that will work too. It doesn’t sound like a giant vacuum cleaner, so you can work in the same room as the server. And as I said before, the server could still be used to host cloud services. The ROI is best when you don’t have to keep the server room cool.

Oh and I almost forgot the Ten TB helium drives + our server use very little electricity. I think we mapped out 320TB at 450w of running power usage.


P.S. This deal may seem like a lot, but I assure you, you guys are getting our servers at a fraction of what these big post houses pay. It’s really a special deal.


Looking for high end player comments


@MythBear I’m not there yet maybe in five years…do you have special financing? I can put it under my LLC’s name.


Your 320TB server has an ROI of about 5 years without factoring in power costs…
That’s a bargain! :star_struck:



I recently expanded and currently have a 168 disk capacity with 120 dedicated to Burst mining. Here’s my whole stack:

And a view from the back:

60 of my drives are old school Hitachi 7,200 RPM 2TB drives that use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat, relative to modern WD Red’s. Here’s the power currently consumed by my Burst server:

So a little over 1,000 watts on average. The back side of the servers blow hot air into a small room maybe 12’ x 12’ or so. I installed a high efficiency 2 ton mini split last summer to deal with the heat. This guy:

It consumes on average 230 watts. I have it set for 80 degrees F, which keeps my drives at around 32 degrees C.

I’m currently at 420TB for my Burst server and another 144TB for my media server in the same stack,

The cost of the 5 chassis currently used for the Burst server was around $2,000, which includes PSU’s and shipping. The 8TB WD drives are running me $160 each, and my older 2 and 4TB drives ran me about $15 per TB. So all in, I’m at about $10,000 in hardware plus $1,400 for the 2 ton mini split that I installed myself.

Your product is very nice, but it just can’t compete with buying used enterprise class server chassis off eBay as a home enthusiast. Sinking the heat away from the drives and using minimal airflow is great. But the power consumed by each drive has to be dissipated somehow. So other than the heat generated by the higher rpm fans in a conventional chassis, the overall BTU generated by, say 100 drives, is going to be about the same.


Hi guys,

@Crazydane every-time you post I’m more impressed. But I woudn’t consider you a home enthusiast. I’ve seen professional data centers in worse shape than the one you have built.

I think the biggest way to benefit from our product is that all those drives take up a lot of physical space because they are smaller capacity drives. And your drives are not helium. The helium drives take up even less power and create less heat, and they weigh less. As a small plug the heatsink tech can help the heat dissipate.

So maybe for @crazydane it isn’t a good fit, since you already have all your gear. But maybe a fellow crypto enthusiast wants to be like you. Wants to solo mine with 480TB of space. I don’t think they could build a rack, install an AC unit, Buy 5 used chassis, build 5 servers, find and plug in mismatched drives. To me, trying to compete with you@crazydane would be hard, if they followed in your footsteps.

But then again, if they just bought the 48bay from us, they can plug it in, and sit it in a corner of an office. Then you plug in one Ethernet cable, a monitor and a keyboard. So everything is consolidated into one space. These things literally absorb the heat. While your point is that the energy of the drives has to go somewhere, it mostly goes into the aluminum heatsink and the chassis, while of course our servers do generate some heat, it’s nothing compared to that hot blast of air out the back of those supermicros.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking your setup @crazydane like I’ve said before, you have a better setup than some of the professional data centers I’ve worked in. But I think realistically if someone wants to mine some burstcoin, then just buy our server and take a chance. If crypto continues to climb (which it will) then it will be paying itself off much sooner than the current ROI charts indicate. It could also do cloud hosting or storj, siacoin, and who knows what is going to happen with filecoin. Just my thoughts. Obviously I want to sell these servers but I do believe in the product and want to be helpful to the community.


P.S. All the news about bitcoin using as much energy as the entire world by 2020 is going to push people to find green alternatives, lets be prepared for the wave.