Show us your Mining Rigs


Just found this post and I have been on this forum for about 5 months now. Started Mining Burst in Nov/2017.
Here is my rig.

  • 1x Lian Li open air test bench

  • 21x 8TB, 5400 RPM drives (all shucked from easystore drives at best buy)

  • W10 - OS

  • 2x - LSI 9211-8i SAS SATA 8-port PCI-E 6Gb/s Controller Cards which gives me up to 16 sata ports on the fan out cable

  • 5x of the 8TB drives are connected to the MOBO sata port directly adding up to 21x

  • 1x 850W power supply for the whole rig

  • 16gb mem

  • 1x 1050TI GPU card (just in case) I want to GPU mine instead of CPU mine. I turn on the GPU miner while I am doing any type of software maintenance over Teamviewer or else you cannot work on the rig remotely

  • All drives run at 36 degrees Celcius max

  • 4x Rosewill 4x 3.5 Inch HDD cage allowing me to house a total of 16 hard drives

  • Sata power cables are broken out in pairs to each drive in the Rosewill cages

  • Fans on the Rosewill cages were swapped out for Corsair fans (LED for bling). The aluminum frame was custom built to house the Rosewill cages.

  • All drives are SATA no USB but I could plug in a USB 3.1 hub and begin to add external USB drives to it but not sure if the MOBO can handle the load or read times

  • Read times are about 45 seconds

  • Foot print is about 30" by 16" deep

  • You can see the blue fan out SATA cables in the first picture. This pic was taken before I had purchased all the drives. Now the SATA fan out cables are all connected to the drives in the Rosewill cages.

- If I had to do it over again I would have:

  • Not tucked away the 5 drives inside the Lian Li below the MOBO. Just to hard to maintain. I would have created an aluminum frame with 6x Rosewill cages (2 rows of three), giving me up to 24 drives and add in one more LSI 9211 card. This would of meant loosing the slot for the GPU card.

  • Would I build another just like it? Yes why? I think that managing multiple rigs instead of one large one is more efficient. (in this configuration). If I do go to a second rig I would simply proxy the second rig through this rig for mining.

  • Very little Heat, I run this in my home office and using the Rosewill cages in an open air format with the fans keeps them cool enough.

  • I would consider getting a SuperMicro MOBO for the second rig with dual CPU sockets to MAYBE help with the processing of the DL’s. However to keep this setup I would need a MOBO with at least 3 - 4x slots or a mobo with 1 - 16x slot and two 4x slots. for the LSI cards.



I am amazed - - so just to clarify for a newbie like me:

I need 24 hard drives (if I am lucky they will be 8TB for $160?) = $3840 plus tax

$400 for the chassis with the SAS2 backplane (PSUs included),

A SFF-8087 cable

The front panel adapter cable:

Is there a good combo of memory and motherboard you think is best for someone just starting out?

Do I need another hard drive just for the operating system like a sata2 cheap drive?

What sort of UPS do I need to support each chassis?

Is there anything else you recommend for someone like me just starting out?
Thanks in advance…


So many HDD need to get the rig expanded


As the professional league and big investment has been covered here, how about something from the sub-amateur division on a shoe string budget?

Featuring a AMD FX 8350 (8 core/8 threads)with a corsair AIO cooler, 6gb DDR3 shortly to be increased to 8gb, Geforce GTX 750Ti, PCI SATA expansion card raising total sata ports to 8, currently 11tb storage dedicated to mining split 3tb/3tb/3tb/2tb (the 2tb being on USB), 5 more 4tb drives to go in, replaced north-bridge heat-sink to help overclock cooling, twin PSU connected by a power sense board so both start simultaneously (one dedicated to storage and cooling), hdd cooler fans fitted.
I get 8000 - 8500 nounces/min, hoping to lift this. I hit my first block yesterday whilst at 7.5TB after running for my first full day. I find the USB drive very slow to read when mining, its always last,
I only have enough head room to plot a single drive at a time, My nounce/min drops to 6500-7000 whilst mining. Its drawing between 130watts to 300watts under load.
The bottleneck unsurprisingly is the CPU, something I will have to consider at some point but its early days.
Once I fit my additional drives i’ll be at 31TB with 8 over sata and two over USB 3.!
I have the radiator blowing away from the rig to shift the heat into the living room. Its discomnnected here but lives hidden behind the TV when its put back in place.


Nice. I like seeing those rigs more…
Sure enterprise Hardware is nice if you want to spend the $ and have a place run it with the power, noise and heat. For most people a homebuilt miner is probably the best and more cost efficient option.

USB3 Disk should not be much slower… if it is on a usb3 controller.
Are you mining with the GPU?


Usb3 disk runs fine now.
I was using a pci raid controller card for extra sata ports but it has caused problems. It was old tech though to be fair and looks like it was interfering with the onboard controller. I’ve got a SAS controller coming as my 6 sata ports are full, need more connectivity!
I’m plotting by cpu. My system seems to have issues with OPENCL. I’ve removed the 750ti and using onboard display now. Going to start planning a second rig, likely a dedicated miner and use the current one for plotting or the other way round.


Stage 2 in the evolution of my mining rig.

Mining HDDs now housed separately away from other system heat sources and added more drives.
My SAS card has arrived today so I can hopefully connect up the remaining drives!


quick and dirty low-cost, low-tech, low-power 20TB mining rig consisting of 13 used HDDs


I like that :wink:


What have you used to mount the hard drives? Some kind of mesh? Brilliant solution anyway, I need something like that


hey, thanks. I have had some perforated aluminium sheet from a DIY superstore lying around, and fortunately the hole distances fit perfectly with the standardized thread distance of Hard Disks. i fixed some tiny fans and the conductor rails to the sheet as well, and it also serves as a heatsink.


Great thinking and home-brew solution, i’m may be slightly jealous! :smiley:


Its all in a days work for a burstcoinist :wink:


Update on my rig:
started with core2duo with 10TB, then reused an old Phenom2 6core, since ~December I switched to a R5 1600 now with about ~95TB.

Then a bunch of disks and the controller died…

But no matter. Still up and running, different controller schould be incoming soon. Added an old Noctua I had, R5 now running at 4ghz :+1: Plots at 17k nounces.


Excellent progress, thanks for sharing!


I glad I’m not the only one making stuff from scratch. I still need a raid controller I think I have everything else.

My drives aren’t showing up on my raid card

I have a few random fans as well :wink:


Love the pink fan… nice touch :+1:


If it’s stupid but, it works: It’s not stupid…


Certainly not stupid. Some of the simplest solutions work the best and are usually the most reliable. Even more awesome in pink.