Show us your Mining Rigs


Not gonna lie, you all have some sick rigs! I’m sure some upgrades will come, but for now I’ve got an old desktop i built back in '08 rocking an AMD Athlon 7850 with 4gb of memory! I will hopefully in the morning have almost 2Tb plotted…it’s a whopper! :wink:

PS: Sorry for the crooked pic!


after 2 years of building my pc has 64tb internal but its not finished so stay posted guys I dubbed it the dreadnaught because its a whopping big black tower euro styled wire meshed thing with wheels holds 10 disks and building a 2nd one soon it’ll be a pair; one will feed disk data to other or 2 independents.


New and Improved Rig. Check out the previous pics I posted. I have now consolidated everything into one frame (kinda like a GPU miner) but for BURST.


I’ve made some improvements over the old miner, plus increased capacity to 80.2tb.
I’m using a HP DL160 G7 with twin xeon x5670’s and 48gb for plotting which plots at 18300n/m. It will take over mining when I get my SAS leads from China. Provides 24 logical threads so i’m hoping i’ll get my total read time down from 37 seconds.
You may notice i’m using a couple of sata multiplier cards, These are pretty cheap and they work well with syba sata expansion cards. 1 port multiplies to 5 ports. Performs better than a usb2 to sata adapter and cheaper than buying 5 of them.


I love that elegantly simple home built hard drive tower rack on the right!


I actually built that many years ago when 320gb hdd’s were considered big, to add more drives inside a tower. Since I still had the parts lying around I srewed them to a bit of wood. Simple but effective :wink:


I got bored one day. So made a CoffeeTableMiner…:open_mouth::joy::heart_eyes::sunglasses:



Looks nice, but not a Burst miner.


I wonder if its on google images…


I got some SAS drives recently for Plot-cache. But where to put them all (these suckers get really hot!)?
Time to clean up my build. I made a similar tower as for the 3.5" drives and moved some disks around, added new fans and some other stuff.

I just need more drives… I have another 16port controller lying around, but no disks :frowning:






2TB Thumbdrives? Isn’t that pretty expensive compared to hdd?


A lot cheaper lol


Don’t see how, LOL



are you sure you’re getting a real 2TB? those have been known to be maybe a 64GB drive that’s had it’s controller spoofed to reflect 2TB


It takes 1.5 day to plot 3 drives becouse its 2.0 reading time 38sec


Let me finish plotting all 10 and then we will c lol


sorry man, i imagine its that whole too good to be true thing