Show us your Mining Rigs


@mini they look like black Kingston’s on Orico hub dude stop misleading people with ya bullshit


I am not trying misleading any one just bought 10 and trying! At the end of the day author asking to show rigs that is what I do.
Stop being ass!


12 TB drive has 45774704 nonces
8TB drive has 30521368 nonces
2 TB flash drive has 7999329 nonces
All this drives has been plotted whit xplotter avx2
Question to you smart ass! Would file will be closed and run on miner if there would be 64 GB drive?


Ones more let me finish plotting all 10 driver then we will c what and how is going to run. This is forum.
In the future ZabuzZ please read all if you able and filter your language.
Have a nice day




THIS drives I running test ATM and they are on the picture


Looks super slow


I know but that was just test bay
I also trying to push in data to c if its real 2 TB


all these different designs of shit drives


OK conclusion on USB mining is not worth wasting time and money. Well not that big money but still.


you could have made that conclusion and warned others instead I bet someone bought that shit one and doesn’t like you now @mini but better late than never.


Look unhappy girl… I did not make no body do that. By show of miners whit HDD’s does not make them wow profitable and those who invested in to mining probably don’t like u too.



is this like groundhog day everyone repeats their stuff. @mini don’t be a virus and I’m not a girl.


U buzziiing like a girl lol go to the gym, loose negative energy and then have a sweet lol.
That is u acting like a virus. I guess u just 12 year old little girl who being bullied at the school and has no friends lol
And that is when I read all your comments across forum. Just angry little girl who hides behind avatar and buzzing nickname, all you can do is criticize every one for any think just look at the morrow.
ones more HAVE A NICE DAY


I’d verify the plots on the usb drives - they probably show as 2tb but are not really that size.
Sadly at the moment nothing beats spinning rust at TB/$.


your the only one @mini and thankyou


Always check the feedback on sellers…


What type of hard drive enclosures are those?


What size plot files do you use?


Mostly 12TB HDD and 1 plot per drive