So I think I fucked up my Reward Recipient (screenshots included)

I thought I configured my Reward Recipient like so:

But I might have set my own address rather than the pool’s? This is what I get when checking the address:

This is the Miner:

And when I press “Start mining” with those settings I get this:

After every “sent DL” I get Error 858861617. So maybe I set the Reward Recipient to myself by mistake the first time around or something? Should the settings in the first screenshot work if I get a coin and use those settings to set Reward Recipient?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here’s my Account ID: BURST-DHQB-3K8U-FHXQ-5FZHU

In the brackets [ { } <- your account Id ] is a space at the front, its also a character, you have to replot the file and this time without the space at the front. lovely regardsasdasf

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Are you serious?

Okay, I’ll replot the file and get back to you.

I plotted again and got the exact same results. I made sure not to have any initial space in my plotter settings, recreated below:

And here is the mining console, which still looks the same with the initial space in the numeric account ID. Are you sure this is the problem? How would I go about fixing it?

I have that same issue also. Issue is you are trying to Solo mine in a pool. You have to switch to pool mining. The way to do that is you have to go to your wallet and enter the correct pool info or if you use a web based log into it and enter the correct info. :slight_smile: Enjoy.

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Thank you for the help!

How would I go about doing that? Your link gives me the error “Could not connect to server” when I try to log in.

As you can see in my third screenshot, pool mining is disabled. When I check my reward recipient (screenshot 4), I get the message that my current reward recipient is my own address. Is this the same for you guys who have your pool mining properly configured?

First you need 1 coin, (Which i’m in the process of trying to get lol as my screw up lost mine)
then you need to run your wallet. Once its open

Enter the pool information and your password, If successful you’ll get a bunch of java script without an “ERROR”

So I need to do the reward assignment again because it’s configured wrong?

Okay, standing by in hopes of receiving a coin then I guess.

Your first coin is free if you go to
Use it wisely, I messed my coin chance up and now quite possible have to re plot and make another account on 8tb :expressionless:

I wouldn’t be here if I had used that coin wisely. (;

Yeah I hear yeah. I got another coin I’m going to.mine once I get one I’ll send you one. I know how it feels lol

Heh, thanks mate I appreciate you taking the time.

Good luck.

No worries, In the mean time Plot more drives! Bigger plots more return. :slight_smile: Have an external lying around? a toss a few drives in a rig and Configure it :smiley:

sent you 2, don’t fuck up again :wink:

Thank you so very much, that’s generous of you! Now it’s working! =D

To clarify how to do it to anyone with the same problem: I set the reward recipient like shown in the first screenshot. I must have set both text boxes to my own address the first time around before I knew it would cost 1 coin. Don’t do that, people. Make sure you have your own address in the top text box and the pool’s address in the bottom text box of the set reward recipient form.

It says clearly “Your account” and “Pool account”, so I don’t know how I manged to fuck it up the first time around, uh well…

It’s working now guys; it’s working! How about that? =)

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Awesome! Still waiting for my payout. May have selected wrong pool loll glad your up and running broskie