Solo mining. How can I tell if it's working or not?


I’d like to give solo mining a try for a while. I’ve set up my proxy miner (creepMiner 1.7.18) according to the instructions so that it submits to the local wallet ( It says things like:

10:22:33: nonce found (2d 05:52:27)
10:22:33:       nonce: 1,544,874,390,661,958,581
10:22:33:       in:    file
10:22:33: nonce confirmed (2d 05:52:27)
10:22:33:       nonce: 1,544,874,390,661,958,581
10:22:33:       in:    file

…which look encouraging, but how can I tell if the wallet (BRS 2.2.1) is all OK? There’s no mention of the submitted nonce in brs.log at all. I thought to set logging to FINE though I suspect that the wallet is ignoring /etc/burstcoincg/, which I think was left behind by an earlier version of the wallet. I’ve had a look through the wallet UI too. Where should I look to be reassured that the wallet is receiving and processing nonces correctly?


I’m going to start with saying that I have not used creepminer.

However, if the mining process is not going successfully, the miner will throw some errors at you. You are submitting deadlines, and having them confirmed…it’s working fine.

As for knowing if you wallet is running correctly, you just need to monitor it to make sure it is synced with the network…blocks staying current, good amount of peers, …

It’s working! I forged my first block solo after 10 days (a 3 second deadline - what a corker after all those high deadlines). At least now I know it’s all set up properly. Thanks for all the help.

That’s awesome, congratulations!