Solo mining query - new miner - Very low chance of finding a block indicated

Hi All,

I have just setup a solo machine for mining burst using the blago miner .

I only created one plot file of size 61GB and this could be the issue however wanted to check before I go through the pain of replotting as I am seeing the change to find a block as 0.00002% which seems very low.

Is anyone mining with a similar setup or can anyone help shed some light here?


Yes, it is a very, very very low chance you would find a block. I think the going rate of return right now is around 0.5 Burst per TB plotted.

Many Thanks ryanw I’ll replot 10TB and see if this makes a difference.
Having some difficulties with the wallet / qbundle software clashing with avast so have started afresh.

joy of joy downloading the bitchain and re-plotting:(

Oh man, yeah… back up your db after you get synched :slight_smile:

Solo mining 10 TB would still not be much… maybe find a block every several months if you stayed completely stable and online the whole time?

I also have some older bootstraps I uploaded at . The complete qbundle download seems to give people problems though, but the others are good.